Recent Projects

Renovate or rebuild, it’s your decision!

Residential Properties

Renovate and give your house a face lift​

Amazing what a little bit of love will do to the face of your home.
Stone work, stucco, new windows, paneling and Aluminum ,what a difference . And this house is actually 85 years old!

  • We can help you with a vision
  • You can see it ,even before we start it
  • ANd you can have a part in making it happen!
Real Estate

We can buy or sell

Sell it as is if it will be a Knock down!
If it’s not! never sell as is!
Give it some love and maximize your profits.

  • Not sure if you should buy it? Get it professionally inspected.
  • Contact our home inspection department !
  • Then make your move.
Commercial Properties

Nothing beats Steel Structures

Steel reinforcement paves the way for longevity .
When the storm comes ,and the tornadoes come! Only then will remember why you chose steel over wood!

  • Nothing like feeling secure

Let us guide you through the process​

Let our us do your drawings